Leaders are born or learned to lead. In the organizational context it is the process throughwhich individual reach at success or failure while responsible for others (Mullin, 2010). Another way to put the leadership definition is it is a collaborative approach through which it leads the organization by adopting the different leadership style and behaviour (Ibarra & Hansen, 2011). Although there are multiple leaders those had different style and approach to manage works and make its organizational successful at regional and international level. Some of the Indian great leaders are Mr. Ratan TATA, Mr. K. P Singh , D Ambani etc. simultaneously there are international one for example Mr. Steve Jobs, Mr. Bill Gates and Most famous Mr. Warren Buffet.

All the above leaders have some unique quality which they have got as they born and some they have learned over the years. For example like a Ratan TATA and Indian pioneer of the Indian industry, has great listening and risk taking capabilities which makes him successful. He was never so charismatic like today however able to manage the largest business house in India for several years because of his transformational leadership style (Irani, 2013). In the similar ways Mr. Mark Zukerberg is a genuine leader who born as a transactional leader, who believe in Work Harder and Party harder. Both the leaders have one similarly, they both goes for new innovation to frequently, they both are very calm & Compose in almost every difficult situation, They both have been great listening skills, Both are dedicated and passionate about their work and both are successful.

I have got first lesson of the leadership in my school, where I always thinking how a teacher able to manage the large group of students and when I will be in that situations. I always found they have great listening skills, and knowledge which makes them my favourite teacher. My teacher recognized my leadership skills during the teacher’s day celebration which I have managed being a class mentor. I got the feedback that I have great team management skills, and I was able to communicate effectively with the entire group. That surprised me and gave me sense of satisfaction & achievement.

Then I have grown and started understanding finance, and the first lesson that I have learned from my mom in finance that how to run home within budget, how we control our spending at the same time our demand also get fulfilled. Third lesson I learned from professor during My MBA College too much focus on reflection what they teach, ethics, and continuous learning and improvements. Gradually I also get exposed to corporate world, world that running after client, customer, stakeholders, government, and societies. Similar to the school, I have taken new initiative during my colleges where I have tried to create student forum where they exchange their ideas, class work, learning however that not succeeded because most of the students started believing that it is waste of time and it does not make any sense for them to share notes, gather assignment. I understood I have not gone extra mile; I have wasted one opportunity because of my commitment. These became learning for me, which I believe essential for being a leader.

I have often got a feedback that I am very collaborative with other when it’s comes to real work, collaborative which required me to sometime tough, some time tactical, sometime polite which makes me democratic style leader. I often get feedback from the subordinates during the group assignment and the friends that I am good in managing larger group while taking them and influencing them for the work and ideas. As a management student graduate employers are expecting that their employees well aware the management structure and the control they also assume that students have been taught over the organizational structure, performance management, recruitment & selection, team work etc. these are the softer issue however very important from the organizational point of view.My long term objective is become entrepreneur, and for that I am developing the leadership skills to manage the finance, HR, marketing and operation function effectively. Democratic style has the lot of strength however there are certain weakness also it carried. To conclude I would after reading through this module my perception of leadership has been changed, from the style perspective, I am trying develop situational or transformation leadership style in the changing working lifestyle. This is only happened because of the module where I have learned and able to see the pros and cons about the leadership, role of leadership in change management, and the ethics which become essential of the business.

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